Maybe you are teetering on the sting of creating the swap out of your outdated cotton socks to wool socks. You have examine all the nice advantages of wool socks, so that you’re able to put aside just a few further to replace your sock drawer.

Effectively, that is nice information! When you go wool, it is onerous to return to utilizing cotton. There are, nonetheless, some issues it’s best to find out about wool socks earlier than you delve into them. Wool socks would require some further consideration. Contemplate cotton socks to be like taking care of a cat, and wool socks taking care of a dog.

Whereas the identical care course of does not maintain true for each type of wool sock, you continue to want to search out out first earlier than you simply throw in your wool socks with the remainder of your laundry. Most SmartWool merchandise, for instance, may be washed and dried with the remainder of your laundry. This does not maintain true for all manufacturers although.

When doubtful of how one can correctly care to your wool socks, hand wash them. Let’s cliche it up for a second – it is higher secure than sorry. You do not need to find yourself with socks that may higher match a cat’s paw relatively than your individual ft.

When washing your wool socks by washer, you may need to set the machine to the light cycle with chilly water. If doable, set it to a brief cycle – one much less rinse and spin cycle. Fill the machine up with water and add a gentle detergent. You will need the machine to agitate for a minute to dissolve and blend the cleaning soap into the water.

Then, place the socks and different washable wool objects inside, pushing them all the way down to the water. Let the socks sit in there for 10 minutes earlier than beginning the washer socks for men.

As soon as the washing is full, take away your socks and if relevant place them within the dryer on the low cycle. If they are not dryer-friendly, lay them flat to air dry. For the wool socks that are not washing machine-friendly, you may have handy wash.

So, fill a bathtub or sink up with chilly water and add a gentle detergent. Be sure that it mixes properly and dissolves into the water. Place your socks within the soap-filled water and ensure they’re totally emerged. Begin squeezing the socks whereas they’re within the water to softly wash the fibers. Do not twist or aggressively wring the socks; this can trigger the fibers to lock and felt collectively.

Then let the socks soak for about 5 minutes. Rinse the socks gently with chilly water after which repeat the rinse cycle – ensuring all cleaning soap is eliminated. Once more, do not twist or rub the socks.

When accomplished, lay the socks on a clear, dry towel and gently roll the towel over the socks to take away the surplus water. You will then need to air dry the socks by laying them out on a flat floor out of direct daylight. Gently reshape the socks whereas they’re nonetheless moist if their kind modified through the washing course of. Moist wool may be very straightforward to stretch and form.

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