We Both Feel Much Better and More Active

I met my husband when we were both attending college in Pennsylvania. He was on the baseball team, and I was the star pitcher for the softball team. We are both still quite athletic, but we have slowed down quite a bit from those days. We got married, had four children, started our own business, and generally enjoy life, but we were both slowing down even though we were still young, at least in our eyes. He was always tired, and I had no energy. A good customer of ours told us to look into a chiropractor in SF if we wanted to get our youth back even a little bit.

I had no idea what a chiropractor could do for us, but I figured it was worth a shot because our activity levels were making us pretty exhausted.Continue Reading

Morningside Recovery is the ideal place to cure addiction.

It is inevitable that there is some kind of alcoholic beverages, wine, champagne, whisky, beer, happy hours where you can take 2X1 the drinks that you like in all kinds ofsocial gatherings. All of this is something that for many people is considered to be moderate fun where the degree of alcohol in the blood is sometimes good for your health, but what they don’t know is that for others this may be a deadly weapon and a factor that creates a chain of events that lead to a very destructive life.

Many of those who are addicted to alcohol and other mind-altering substances do not know they are addicted until they reach a point where they no longer function properly and that is why today, these people can cure their addiction thanks to one of the best rehabilitation centers of the country popularly known as Morningside Recovery and the reputation has been gained with results.

In this center, the patients have all the professional medical help they need to cope with their problems of alcoholism and addiction to other drugs. It is for this reason that we invite you to our official website and to find all the info you want at https://www.morningsiderecovery.com/and see each of the methods and activities that we use for the recovery of our patients. It is very important that you can see if a family is suffering because of one individual member with this type of addiction and this can make life very hard for everyone.

Do not forget that everyone who tends to be addicted to alcohol or drugs will always deny they have a problem. That is why as a part of the family you have a responsibility to help this person to see that there is a problem and that they need help. It is for this reason that we recommend our rehabilitation center Morningside Recovery, as it is the ideal place to cure any type of addiction that a person can end up suffering from.

Among the methods and treatments that are used in this center to help patients you will find:

  1. Support Meetings for the newly admitted, in the company of one of our therapists and the center psychiatrist.
  2. We follow the treatment plan, which is a customized plan for each one of the addictions that our patients might be suffering from.

Fixed Up Our Daughter’s Knee

Our daughter needed to see a chiropractor in San Diego due to an injury she received at school. She’s quite the athlete and is big into track and field, a fun sport but one that often results in various injuries including pulled muscles and even ligament tears. She was running hurdles when she misjudged the distance and tumbled over the top. She went down hard and I could tell she hurt herself badly. The coach thought she would be ok with some ice packs, but that isn’t how I saw it. I could tell from her face that she was really hurting.

My wife insisted we take her to the emergency room, and we did, but they didn’t do much other than examine her knee and take some x-rays. Nothing was broken and they said it was probably just a severe muscle pull and that she would heal nicely as long as took it easy on the knee. We went home and the next morning her pain level went up considerably. I went to a chiropractor a couple of months ago for a bad back and suggested we take her to the same clinic for an examination.

We called to make an appointment and once they heard about what happened they insisted she come in immediately, which we greatly appreciated. It turns out, according to the chiropractor she saw, that the muscle was indeed sprained severely and that she needed some stretching and pulling to make sure there wasn’t any permanent damage. It took about four visits and the pain is gone. She isn’t even looking back, but moving forward and now she’s jumping those hurdles as easily as she did before the injury. Our experience reveals that chiropractors can help a situation and that the medical doctors aren’t always right.

Getting My Brother out Golfing and Having Fun Again

I would call my brother about three times a week and ask him if he wanted to do different things from playing a game of golf to catching a baseball game in the city. He would almost always tell me how his back was hurting him again after he got home from work, or how he aggravated his back pain doing something such as cleaning out the garage. I thought he was putting me off because he was mad or something, but his wife told me that his back really does hurt. Dragging him to a chiropractor in San Rafael changed everything. And I mean I really did have to drag him. I made the appointment and had to actually tug on him by his shirt and pull him using a firm grip on his arm.

He would have resisted more if his back wasn’t hurting him.Continue Reading

Our Young Son Said Our Corte Madera Chiropractor is the Only Doctor He Has Ever Had Where the Treatment Feels Good Too

Our son is only 10, but he slid down a hill tumbling over a couple of times when we went fishing. He was bruised in a spots and had some minor cuts and scrapes. He said he was okay and insisted we go fishing. I had a first aid kit and cleaned up the scrapes. His bruises healed up, and there were no scars from the minor cuts. However, he kept saying his back hurt. We went to our regular doctor who did not see any damage when imaging was done. He suggested we see a Corte Madera chiropractor he knows. I thought it odd for a 10-year old to see a chiropractor, but we scheduled an appointment anyway.

Our son thought that the treatment table was cool with how it went vertical and horizontal. The electrical stimulation therapy was another device he thought was cool. He wanted one for home because it would make his muscles flex without him even trying, and he said it felt good where his back hurt.Continue Reading