Got Me on the Right Nutritional Path

A Petaluma chiropractor was the person who got me to where I needed to be nutrition wise. Most people think about back injuries or nerve damage when they think about chiropractors, and I was no exception. When I started having serious stomach problems, I figured a visit to the doctor would patch things up in a hurry. It was probably something easily diagnosed like acid reflux so finding a solution would be a piece of cake. In any event, I needed to go in and make sure it wasn’t something more serious like pancreatic or stomach cancer.

After finding out I wasn’t dying of cancer, things got problematic. The doctor didn’t think it was acid reflux and basically said there wasn’t anything he could do about my issues. He suggested a bland diet and to watch my stress and anxiety levels. In other words, he wasn’t a help. I started taking things like antacids and the various over the counter remedies for reflux thinking maybe he just didn’t know what he was talking about. These things helped, but only for short amounts of time. I obviously needed to see someone who knew more than my doctor.

Doctors, it turns out, know almost nothing about supplements or nutrition. They take a one or two hour course on this topic in medical school and that is it. The chiropractor I went to, on the other hand, knows a lot about nutrition and supplements. The chiropractor listened to my symptoms and put me on several vitamin supplements that cleared up my issues in less than a week. I wish more people knew about this option instead of running to their physicians and either getting no help or prescriptions for drugs that can do more harm than good. I recommend visiting a chiropractor if you have nutritional concerns.

I’m So Glad My Shoulder Pain is Gone

I broke down and looked for a chiropractor in Sacramento after I exhausted all other efforts to find a solution to my chronic shoulder pain. Many people look down on chiropractors, but all I can say is that the chiropractor I found basically saved my life. I’m not joking when I say that either. A chiropractor turned my life from a gray, pain filled shroud into a normal life where I can spend time with my wife and kids and enjoy the little things in life. It’s amazing to me that doctors couldn’t help me, but the chiropractor did.

When I suffered a workplace injury that left my shoulder in a state of constant pain, I went through all the traditional routes in order to find a cure for my problem. I went to the ER and they said it looked like a severe muscle sprain and that I should be back on my feet in no time. I accepted that diagnosis until weeks went by and still the pain persisted. Soon it got worse and then I went to a few specialists who did lots of tests and poked and prodded but they couldn’t fix it. What’s going on here?

It was only after my mother insisted that I visit a chiropractor that I found a permanent solution to my situation. I had my doubts, but found a clinic and made an appointment. I went in and the chiropractor moved my arm around and pressed on my shoulder and determined that I had some nerve issues that would respond well to some stretching techniques. I still doubted, but I shouldn’t have! In a couple of visits the pain evaporated and I’m back to my old self. If you’re suffering from serious pain, I recommend visiting this chiropractor. My suffering is gone and it is a miracle.

I Get Pain-Relief Help Since I Have Trouble Remembering

At times, I remember to sit the right way in my desk chair, but about 95 percent of the time I don’t remember. I had so many problems with pain in my back as a result, and I started looking at Peoria chiropractors to see if there was anything at all that they could do to help bring some relief. As a person who has ADD, I do my best to try to remember things but I often feel. Even with the pain, I will forget to sit properly at my desk. it is only when I start feeling really bad and the pain becomes almost bearable, that I finally remember.

I have always thought there was something wrong with me. It’s really hard to explain actually. the majority of people on this planet seem to be able to remember things easily, they’re organized, and they don’t struggle throughout life. It’s been the opposite for me as far back as I can remember.Continue Reading

I Picked the Right City and State to Live in

Just one of the things that I liked when I learned that I was moving was that I would be moving to the largest state in the country, and that means that there would be lots to do and many different types of businesses to choose from. I moved just outside one of the larger cities in the state, and this allows me to choose from lots of businesses. So when I was looking for Round Rock chiropractors in the area, I had a lot to choose from. Not only that but because I live right on the outskirts of that very large city that I mentioned, I can hope right across the city border and have even more companies to take a look at.

I am a country boy, and I always will be. But living in the country means that you don’t have a lot of options like people do in big, metropolitan cities. Most everyone that lives out in the country will tell you that they really like the peace and quiet.Continue Reading

Getting Rid of the Fat with Coolsculpting

With summer quickly approaching it was time for me to work on those love handles I acquired over the last ten months. After my husband died I move to Austin, TX to be closer to my family and I kind of let myself go. It’s understandable but it’s time to take action. I did some research and found a possible solution. I did a search on coolsculpting in Austin Texas 78746 and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I found a medical practice very close to where I live that performs this procedure.

I had never heard of this procedure before and was very intrigued by the possibilities. What is coolsculpting you ask? I asked myself the exact same question. Basically, it is a procedure where they freeze fat cells and destroy them without harming any surrounding tissue.Continue Reading