Getting Rid of the Fat with Coolsculpting

With summer quickly approaching it was time for me to work on those love handles I acquired over the last ten months. After my husband died I move to Austin, TX to be closer to my family and I kind of let myself go. It’s understandable but it’s time to take action. I did some research and found a possible solution. I did a search on coolsculpting in Austin Texas 78746 and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I found a medical practice very close to where I live that performs this procedure.

I had never heard of this procedure before and was very intrigued by the possibilities. What is coolsculpting you ask? I asked myself the exact same question. Basically, it is a procedure where they freeze fat cells and destroy them without harming any surrounding tissue.Continue Reading

I Had a Little Car Crash

In fact it did not seem like too much, but I was not even moving and I had not buckled up. I was on the roadside waiting for one of the guys I work with to return with our morning coffee and a couple of jelly doughnuts. I was doing some work on a tablet and trying to get up to speed on something that was going to effect us at work. At any rate some other car came along and apparently the young driver was not paying attention. She hit me and a dentist in Wollongong ended up having to do a little repair work on one of my front teeth. It was chipped rather much and it obviously hurt.Continue Reading

My First Attempt at Building a Masonry Fire Pit and Patio Sent Me to the Chiropractor

My wife and I wanted to put in a fire pit in our yard. I was thinking one of those little metal ones you get that burn propane. She was thinking one made of landscaping blocks with landscaping pavers used to make a circular patio around it. Well, we started by digging. Then we poured in gravel and sand that was delivered by a dump truck. Then we placed all the stones to build the fire pit and the patio. Me? Well, I needed to go see a Huntington chiropractor because of the pain in my back. I was not used to carrying stones all day and all that digging. I think it was good for me overall, but just not good for my back at the time.

The doctor told me that my back muscles could use a lot of conditioning to make them stronger. Yes, I have had a desk job for way too long. I was not much overweight. Probably only about 10 pounds at that time. Now I have lost the fat but gained a lot of muscle.Continue Reading

We Both Feel Much Better and More Active

I met my husband when we were both attending college in Pennsylvania. He was on the baseball team, and I was the star pitcher for the softball team. We are both still quite athletic, but we have slowed down quite a bit from those days. We got married, had four children, started our own business, and generally enjoy life, but we were both slowing down even though we were still young, at least in our eyes. He was always tired, and I had no energy. A good customer of ours told us to look into a chiropractor in SF if we wanted to get our youth back even a little bit.

I had no idea what a chiropractor could do for us, but I figured it was worth a shot because our activity levels were making us pretty exhausted.Continue Reading

Morningside Recovery is the ideal place to cure addiction.

It is inevitable that there is some kind of alcoholic beverages, wine, champagne, whisky, beer, happy hours where you can take 2X1 the drinks that you like in all kinds ofsocial gatherings. All of this is something that for many people is considered to be moderate fun where the degree of alcohol in the blood is sometimes good for your health, but what they don’t know is that for others this may be a deadly weapon and a factor that creates a chain of events that lead to a very destructive life.

Many of those who are addicted to alcohol and other mind-altering substances do not know they are addicted until they reach a point where they no longer function properly and that is why today, these people can cure their addiction thanks to one of the best rehabilitation centers of the country popularly known as Morningside Recovery and the reputation has been gained with results.

In this center, the patients have all the professional medical help they need to cope with their problems of alcoholism and addiction to other drugs. It is for this reason that we invite you to our official website and to find all the info you want at see each of the methods and activities that we use for the recovery of our patients. It is very important that you can see if a family is suffering because of one individual member with this type of addiction and this can make life very hard for everyone.

Do not forget that everyone who tends to be addicted to alcohol or drugs will always deny they have a problem. That is why as a part of the family you have a responsibility to help this person to see that there is a problem and that they need help. It is for this reason that we recommend our rehabilitation center Morningside Recovery, as it is the ideal place to cure any type of addiction that a person can end up suffering from.

Among the methods and treatments that are used in this center to help patients you will find:

  1. Support Meetings for the newly admitted, in the company of one of our therapists and the center psychiatrist.
  2. We follow the treatment plan, which is a customized plan for each one of the addictions that our patients might be suffering from.