I’m So Glad My Shoulder Pain is Gone

I broke down and looked for a chiropractor in Sacramento after I exhausted all other efforts to find a solution to my chronic shoulder pain. Many people look down on chiropractors, but all I can say is that the chiropractor I found basically saved my life. I’m not joking when I say that either. A chiropractor turned my life from a gray, pain filled shroud into a normal life where I can spend time with my wife and kids and enjoy the little things in life. It’s amazing to me that doctors couldn’t help me, but the chiropractor did.

When I suffered a workplace injury that left my shoulder in a state of constant pain, I went through all the traditional routes in order to find a cure for my problem. I went to the ER and they said it looked like a severe muscle sprain and that I should be back on my feet in no time. I accepted that diagnosis until weeks went by and still the pain persisted. Soon it got worse and then I went to a few specialists who did lots of tests and poked and prodded but they couldn’t fix it. What’s going on here?

It was only after my mother insisted that I visit a chiropractor that I found a permanent solution to my situation. I had my doubts, but found a clinic and made an appointment. I went in and the chiropractor moved my arm around and pressed on my shoulder and determined that I had some nerve issues that would respond well to some stretching techniques. I still doubted, but I shouldn’t have! In a couple of visits the pain evaporated and I’m back to my old self. If you’re suffering from serious pain, I recommend visiting this chiropractor. My suffering is gone and it is a miracle.

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