Safe, Non-invasive Methods to Increase Bust Size

Breast size does matter to many women. It is not necessarily a desire to appeal to men. Full, firm breasts fill out popular fashions better and help women to feel youthful. Breast size can reduce as women age and as they lose and gain weight. Pregnancy causes the same problems and increases the risk of sagging. Surgery is not the only option women have available to improve the firmness and appearance of their bust.

Improve the Silhouette

Maintaining proper posture, buying a push-up bra and wearing certain clothing will create the illusion of bigger breasts. Striped and patterned tops, as well as form-fitting tops, can optically add inches. The results are even more impressive when using all of these tips together. Good posture also helps people look thinner as well and this may make a small bust look larger.

Apply Some Cream

Herbal creams stimulate hormones that help to firm the skin and cause some natural growth. The creams are safe to use and do not increase the risk of a hormonal imbalance. A good breast enhancement cream is all natural and will improve the look of the breasts and the firmness and texture of the skin. The cream is often able to increase the breasts by one cup size and some women will enlarge by as much as three cup sizes.

Choose Better Nutrition

A good diet is amazingly beneficial for breast health. Some foods even help to enlarge the bust as well improve firmness. Herbs like fennel and fenugreek are very effective for growth. Cherries contain estrogen, as do pumpkin, garlic and chickpeas. In fact, there are numerous natural foods that boost estrogen levels and may help to increase cup size over time.

There is no reason for anyone to only choose one method. Since all are natural and non-invasive it is perfectly safe to perform all of these tips. There are no guarantees with any product or food and every woman is different and their experience may be different. Enhancement creams and healthy eating will not change things overnight. It will usually take a few weeks before the changes become noticeable.

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