I Had a Little Car Crash

In fact it did not seem like too much, but I was not even moving and I had not buckled up. I was on the roadside waiting for one of the guys I work with to return with our morning coffee and a couple of jelly doughnuts. I was doing some work on a tablet and trying to get up to speed on something that was going to effect us at work. At any rate some other car came along and apparently the young driver was not paying attention. She hit me and a dentist in Wollongong ended up having to do a little repair work on one of my front teeth. It was chipped rather much and it obviously hurt. In fact I soon found the bit of tooth embedded in the stuff that is wrapped around the steering wheel. It was not too painful, but I surely felt it all very well.

At any rate the other driver was a very young lady, probably about seventeen years old I would guess. She had not been driving too long and it was obvious that she was rather frantic about the entire thing. I would have loved to have to let the entire episode slide, because honestly the car was not damaged very much and it is the sort of car that you own so that it can absorb damage. I have had the thing for at least a decade and it was used when I bought it. I have a much newer vehicle, a lovely Ford pick up truck that I drive on the weekends. The car she hit has all sorts of dings and scratches on it and one more is not going to make it worth less than it is, the whole point being to drive it until the wheels fall off to save wear on a more valuable vehicle.

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