My First Attempt at Building a Masonry Fire Pit and Patio Sent Me to the Chiropractor

My wife and I wanted to put in a fire pit in our yard. I was thinking one of those little metal ones you get that burn propane. She was thinking one made of landscaping blocks with landscaping pavers used to make a circular patio around it. Well, we started by digging. Then we poured in gravel and sand that was delivered by a dump truck. Then we placed all the stones to build the fire pit and the patio. Me? Well, I needed to go see a Huntington chiropractor because of the pain in my back. I was not used to carrying stones all day and all that digging. I think it was good for me overall, but just not good for my back at the time.

The doctor told me that my back muscles could use a lot of conditioning to make them stronger. Yes, I have had a desk job for way too long. I was not much overweight. Probably only about 10 pounds at that time. Now I have lost the fat but gained a lot of muscle. The chiropractor explained to me how the adjustments would keep realigning my spine, but I needed to build up muscle to require fewer adjustments. Plus, a stronger back is less prone to injury. And now that my wife is on the permanent do-it-yourself renovations kick, I had no choice but to get stronger. I have been painting, and wiring and plumbing and tearing stuff out and putting new stuff back in like crazy. All of that while holding done a full time job just like her.

I must admit that our house is looking really nice, and we are enjoying a lot of comfortable things. I have more energy, and my back does not bother me at all any more. That is a huge improvement over the way I used to be just a few months ago.

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