Our Young Son Said Our Corte Madera Chiropractor is the Only Doctor He Has Ever Had Where the Treatment Feels Good Too

Our son is only 10, but he slid down a hill tumbling over a couple of times when we went fishing. He was bruised in a spots and had some minor cuts and scrapes. He said he was okay and insisted we go fishing. I had a first aid kit and cleaned up the scrapes. His bruises healed up, and there were no scars from the minor cuts. However, he kept saying his back hurt. We went to our regular doctor who did not see any damage when imaging was done. He suggested we see a Corte Madera chiropractor he knows. I thought it odd for a 10-year old to see a chiropractor, but we scheduled an appointment anyway.

Our son thought that the treatment table was cool with how it went vertical and horizontal. The electrical stimulation therapy was another device he thought was cool. He wanted one for home because it would make his muscles flex without him even trying, and he said it felt good where his back hurt. The adjustment he had made him feel a whole lot better. The Corte Madera chiropractor said that the fall probably knocked his spine out of alignment to the point that there was constant pressure on nerves that caused inflammation and pain. The adjustments took the pressure off of the nerves, and the electrical stim improved circulation and lymph flow to carry away inflammatory byproducts.

Our son never complained of any back pain after completing his therapy regimen. He said he misses going to the chiropractor because the adjustments and electrical stim felt really good. He said there was no pain now, but the chiropractor was the only doctor he had ever been to where the treatment felt good too. He said other doctors do things such as shots to make you better, and they do not feel good even though they make you better.

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