Getting My Brother out Golfing and Having Fun Again

I would call my brother about three times a week and ask him if he wanted to do different things from playing a game of golf to catching a baseball game in the city. He would almost always tell me how his back was hurting him again after he got home from work, or how he aggravated his back pain doing something such as cleaning out the garage. I thought he was putting me off because he was mad or something, but his wife told me that his back really does hurt. Dragging him to a chiropractor in San Rafael changed everything. And I mean I really did have to drag him. I made the appointment and had to actually tug on him by his shirt and pull him using a firm grip on his arm.

He would have resisted more if his back wasn’t hurting him. He probably would have got into a wrestling match with me like we did when we were kids if his back was not aching. He had been to doctors and surgeons and had all kinds of imaging done. He had some mild discogenic disease, but there was not much else showing up as being a problem to cause this much pain. I was convinced that the chiropractor in San Rafael that helped me would be able to help him. When we got to the office, I found out that the chiropractor would have actually came out to see my brother at his house. Still, it was better to be here where there is a treatment room and equipment.

My brother started to feel better after his first adjustment. His shoulders and upper back were messed up. He said his arms always felt like they were asleep and hurting, and the feeling in his hands was strange. He said that his hands would go back and forth from being warm to ice cold too. The chiropractor said it was nerve impingement in his cervical spine and thoracic outlet syndrome. He is doing better now and even playing golf again!

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